Blog Course: Amazed

Blog Course Results Writing your best blog till now (spring 2018)

About 4 meetings ‘Writing your best blog till now’; 2,5 hours each.
For whom? Teachers and student Erasmus University. Organized by Studium Generale.

We were amazed by the textst been writen and we laughed!

Blog Meeting 1:

  • What creates, or is a good blog
  • How not to be boring
  • What about the structureScores out of 10:
    By the meetings I am encouraged to write: 8, 8 ,9, 10, 8

Blog Meeting 2

  • How to stay focused during writing
  • Do you bother about your target audience
  • How to attract your reader
  • Connect with your reader via senses

Blog Meeting 3

  • Writers perspective
  • Discuss specific questions of the course members
    (bases on what they want to learn)

Blog Meeting 4

Characters and dialogues

  • Based on the 6 hats of De Bono
  • Importance? Dialogues help to create liveliness in texts

During each meeting, participants write on the basis of assignments.

This is what I have overcome during these workshops blog writing…

-       “ Sharing my texts.”

-       “Finding motivation to write on the things I feel.”

-       “How to start writing what I want to write.”

-       ‘Fear of starting.”


Did the program satisfy your expectation?

-       “The program exceeded my expectation.”

-       “ wish we had more time.”

-       “Yes”, “Yes” and “Yes”

Worse feedback?

My teacher gave clear answers to our questions… 8, 7, 8, 7

Attracted to a course blog writing? Contact me for your own in company blog course…