nt2 Dutch lessons and methods Taalnaartaal

Taalnaartaal NT2 Dutch for beginners

The Delft Method, Preview Nederlands voor buitenlanders (0-A2)

In gang (have a look at the book)

De Opmaat (via the website of the publisher you can download a previeuw)

These are a few methods I worke(d) with. But I can adapt do any method provided and preferred. Especially the part for beginners is almost the same in any method for adults (0-A2).They are about counting, time, meeting, shopping, celebrations, buying or renting a house. And so on and so on.

You will find a bit more differences in A2-B1.
But because they prepare you for Staatsexamen Nederlands the differences are not very large.

The main difference is that every publisher offers books and e-learning applications for different tempo groups, their the educational level and age.

Did you already learned Dutch NT2 before?

Of course I can apdapt to other materials. If, for example you would like te restart a course you already did, we can use your materials.

Please contact for more info and possibilities about NT2. At this moment I do not offer group lessons, I can only provide private lessons.