learning Dutch NT2 in daily life Would it not be nice to be able to talk to your Dutch friends, collegues or neighbours in their language?

Besides working for other companies, at this moment I do not offer group lessons, I can only provide private lessons.

This is how you perform Dutch NT2 soon after you start learning Dutch

‘Hé, hoe gaat het met je?’
‘Goed, en met jou?’
‘Zullen we een kopje koffie drinken?’
‘Gezellig. Daar aan de overkant of verderop rechtsaf die straat in?’
‘Laten we naar de overkant gaan.’
‘Wat ben je aan het doen, kleding kopen?’

Learn NT2 Dutch for daily life

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to talk or chat with your Dutch friends, collegues or neighbours in their mother tongue?
Or do you need Dutch for work?

Then hey! Start a course Dutch NT2!

Learning Dutch enables you to communicate with “Dutchies”. They do speak English, and yes that is comfortable. But it is so much nicer to talk Dutch in Holland.

-> Maybe: after a while living as an expat you will need to talk and write Dutch because your employee demands it.

-> Or: You need it for further education.

-> So: Start the sooner the better. 

At my studio I provide courses Duch NT2 for small groups or private lessons.
I am available for Dutch NT2 in company courses/

Feel free to contact me.